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What we do

We do a very flexible class for the Mum with Baby. During the session you can feed or change the baby as many times as required. If the baby falls asleep you can still continue the class. Instructor will modify exercise for you and you will continue exercise while the baby is having rest.

We usually have a small group of 3-4 Mums in a class to prevent the Babies from becoming tired. Because of the small class every Mum gets as much attention as she needs from the instructor like in a private session.

During the session the Baby always stays with the Mother. The little one can stay on a mat and do some exercise with the Mum or simply play (we provide toys).

If the baby wants he can stay in a baby carrier, can remain in a pram if he is tired. If he does not want to exercise he can crawl around with the other babies.

We do our best to ensure the Mums and their Babies feel comfortable during the session and have both physical and social benefits. They can also have rest when needed during the session.

While the Mum is busy with the Baby and cannot exercise because of feeding her or for any other reason, Instructor will come back to that Mum later so she does not miss that part of the class. Mother may choose to do some exercise at home and Instructor will explain in private how to do it correctly and safely.