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What mum say?

Michelle D says:
I have been coming to classes for just over a month when my little boy reached 8 weeks, I enjoy coming each week and whether he is asleep or awake the class is specially tailored to fit around me and my needs. I have a bad back and Svetlana knows exactly what exercises I need to do to work on strengthening it. It's a relaxed environment and perfect for a new mum and an unpredictable new baby.

Joanna B says:
I have been attending this class for about a year and am thoroughly enjoying it. The class is small friendly and relaxed. Svetlana is knowledegeable about pilates and is able to tailor the exercise programme to suit ability and cater for existing injuries while still making it challenging. She also understands what it's like to be a mother as she is one herself. Attending this class I have improved my strength and fitness and have also met other mothers. Highly recommend it!

Joanne F says:
Svetlana's classes are great. She takes good care of her pregnant students and has enabled me to keep up a regime that is right for my ability. She has lots of good advice to share regarding the benefits of pilates and I really enjoy my classes with her.

Fiona P says:
The classes that Svetlana offer are really worth trying out. The groups are always nice and small and it's a great way to exercise whilst spending time with your little one.

Angela S says:
love my classes with Sveta, they are relaxing and enjoyable. I always feel the next day that I have done some exercise, but never feel too pushed. Would really recommend .

Naznin Y says:
Friendly and well planned small group classes, with mums+babies joining in! Sveta personalises the classes to the individuals needs which works quite well in small groups, only wish I had more time to attend more often!

Lindsey says:
I'm so glad I discovered this class- I started 6 weeks after the arrival of my son, and this is a great way of getting back into shape after giving birth. Svetlana makes you feel very relaxed, and being a mum herself she understands how your body is feeling and will adapt her class to suit the different stages of preganacy or post-birth. Small classes and a relaxed atmosphere help to make this class a winner!

Nicole says:
I'm so glad I found this class, Svetlana is such a lovely lady, a great teacher and she makes you feel instantly at home and comfortable. She really understands the physical issues of pregnancy and ensures that you only do what you are capable of doing. It's great to meet other mums-to-be and mothers with new babies. You not only get a good workout but you can have a nice chat too. Svetlana is a mother too and her beautiful baby boy often joins in with the fun. I can highly recommend this to any mum-to-be or new mum, pilates is great for all the bits that are put under strain by being pregnant. Great for the body and the mind - thanks Svetlana!

Margarita says:
I go to the classes every week and will recommend it to everybody. The classes are fun and my little one enjoys gentle exercises, particularly exercising on a ball, and playing with other babies. At request you can ask the teacher to tailor the routine personally for you, so you are still enjoying excercising together with other mums, giving your muscles a bit of a harder push if you like! The classes is a great way to meet other mums, share baby time experiences and get yourself back in shape. My little one enjoys her baby massage, ball excercising and other babies' company. The teacher is lovely: very professional and firm when it comes to giving you a little encouragement to work harder, though very down to earth and easy to get along with. She is also a great mum, having a little one on her hands!!! Should definitely come and try bringing your little one along!! X

Caroline says:
This is a lovely class, allowing mums to exercise and get into shape whilst having fun and bonding with your baby. The classes are small and intimate, so the teacher can focus and help each one individually. In addition, Svetlana is great with babies! My little one was all smiley during the class and slept loads after his 'workout'!

Iveta says:
I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to attend these classes. This is really a high-level classes, which enrich the daily lives of mothers: a good mood, great shape, amazing atmosphere not only for the mother but also for the child. Me and my 9 month old daughter are really happy, because we learned new exercises (massage) to use at home, more wonderful way to spend it, to talk to other mothers, to share opinions. What is the best , lessons in all the exercises can be performed jointly with the child, if the child does not want,he can go out to play but at the same time and see his Mom. Lots of smiles, great exercise and laughter.
I definitely recommend it for mothers who want to return to top form after birth, plus learn the exercises for child. Highly recommend it.

lynn says:
I'm really glad I started these classes. I enjoy being able to get some much needed post-baby exercise and appreciate the small class sizes Sveta runs as I find Pilates is all about technique - frequent reminders and corrections to mine by Sveta ensure I feel as though I've had a good workout the next day! It's also great to not only bring my baby along, but get her involved too with her own exercises as well as her 'helping' me with mine! Plus she sleeps like the proverbial afterwards! Most recommended.

Asta says:
A lovely, friendly and relaxed way to exercise for mum and the baby. It involves exercises that are individually chosen by the leading lady and seem quite easy but I felt I have been working out the following day which shows these exercises are very effective too (I see the results on my body and in terms of now having more energy too).
Baby gets plenty of attention through massages, games, kisses while exercising etc which usually send him to sleep towards the end of it - bonus for mum and the baby! I highly recommend this class for both pre and post natal mums as it is a great way to stay in shape ;)

Jenny says:
A great class! I loved playing games with my baby whilst exercising. Small class and lots of personalised activities. I was in a lot of pain the next day so definitely a great work out! Professional and friendly teacher. Highly recommended!

Siobhan says:
great class, small group, good teacher!

Claire says:
A lovely friendly class. My little boy is 5 months and loved it, lots of giggles and shrieks, he also slept brilliantly afterwards which is an added bonus. It's a good way to start exercising again for new mums and I definately could feel it the day after.

Katherine says:
I started this class because I wanted to tone up my ab muscles and pelvic floor after giving birth, and I liked the idea of being able to bring my baby along with me to a class. It is a great class in a relaxed atmosphere, which has some exercises for mum (which use the baby!), some exercises for the baby, and a nice bit of bonding time. I enjoy it because it is good exercise for me and for my 2-month old baby (if he cooperates!), with the added benefit that I don't have to leave him with a babysitter/ creche!

Lisa says:
A very friendly and welcoming class. You go at your own pace and exercises are adapted to suit you and your baby. My baby is 8 months old and loved exercises where she was lifted in the air, but crawled off for some of the other ones, but this wasn't a problem. The day after attending my first class I could definitely feel I had done some exercise!

Ditia says:
A nice relaxing workout for mum and fun for baby. I went with my 3 month old baby who enjoyed the interaction with the exercises and loved the massage at the end and learnt some tricks to use at home which was great. A good option for people like me who are out of shape after having a baby and are looking for a way to start doing some exercise. You can go at your own pace and stop to cuddle or feed your baby if they need it at any time during the class.

Jay says:
I started going to Svetlana's mum and baby Pilates class after having my baby. Svetlana is a very good teacher and will tailor the class to individuals from beginner to advanced students. The class is small, relaxed and friendly. It was nice to be able to change and feed my baby during the class, especially in the early days. I enjoy the class because as well as getting some exercise it is a nice activity to do with my baby.

Katharine says:
I have been attending Svetlana's classes with my little boy for a couple of months now. As well as being a lovely lady, she is a very patient and encouraging teacher and understands the changes a new mum's body goes through. She is also able to tailor the exercises to any specific requirements that you have. I am pleased to have found a class that both myself and my little one can enjoy and benefit from and would really recommend them to other mums.